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Beauty and the beast is a 2017 fantasy romantic film produced by a joint venture of Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films. It based on an 18th-century famous fairy tale which was written by Gabrielle Barbot de Villeneuve. Well-known director Bill Condon directed this movie who also won the Oscars award for Gods and Monsters movie.

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are leading actors behind beauty and the beast movie. This movie made in a budget of 255M$ and collected more than 1B$ on box office.  If you want to read a story plot again, we covered it in this article combined with Beauty and the beast pictures.



The movie entirely focused on two lead characters Belle and Beast. Belle is a beautiful daughter of artist Maurice, having a dream of adventure. Beast is a dangerous looking selfish prince who was transformed into a beast when he refused to help one enchantress.

He has a curse that will only break when someone falls in love with him. One day belle lost in the forest, beast captures her. She befriends with beast’s servants and finds out a sensitive soul behind the monster type looking beast. As times goes out, everyone found that Gaston is a real beast who has a dream to make Belle his wife.

Beauty and the beast images

This love story was one of the best we can have ever seen. For memorizing it again, you can download beautiful beauty and the beast png freely from here.

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Beauty and the beast wallpapers

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Beauty and the beast clipart

Belle Clip Art

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Beast Clip Art

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Other Beauty and the beast clip art

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Beauty and the beast vector

Beauty and the beast vector eps
Beauty and the beast vector eps free


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