How to Check Where Your Aadhar Card is Being Used

If are not aware of the word “AADHAR”, you’re not probably an Indian. Aadhar has become a necessity of every Indian citizen similarly we require food, house, and clothes. That being said, if you want to be benefitted from various facilities in India, Aadhar card will be the first and foremost thing you will need to possess.

On the other hand, applying for an Aadhar card is really simple. If you have access to the internet, it will be more easy as you won’t have to visit an offline public service center. But living in a rural area with no internet access will force you to apply for Aadhar offline.

In the end, you will end up getting Aadhar card in your hand in a few days for sure. As Aadhar has been imposed on various facilities, numbers of fraud using the same are also increased. One time password (OTP) integration has made possible to misuse your Aadhar information easily. In any case, you are adviced not to provide OTP to anyone asking for any purpose.

Numbers of increase fraud of Aadhar drew our attention to make a little awareness. So, here’s how you can check where your Aadhar card is being used. Just follow these steps without missing one and you will know your Aadhar card usage history.

Step ~ 1) At first, open the official website of UIDAI. []

Step ~ 2) Navigate to My Aadhar > Aadhar Authentication History from the menu bar.

Step ~3) Now enter your 12-digit Aadhar number and security code as given the nearby image. (You can also utilize your Virtual ID.)

Step ~4) An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Fill the required information as shown in the attached snapshot. Hit “Verify OTP” button in the end.

aadhar authentication

Step ~5) That’s it! On the next screen, you will be able to see

your Aadhar usage history within the timeframe you selected. It will include the following details:

  • Auth Modality
  • Date / Time
  • AUA Name
  • UIDAI Response Code
  • AUA Transaction ID
  • Auth Response
  • Error Code

If you find any misuse of your Aadhar card, you can contact UIDAI immediately. There is no charge checking your Aadhar usage history then why don’t we check on a regular basis, right? Here are some key points that can save your Aadhar card from fraudulent usage.

1. Lock Aadhar card data with biometric identity is the best choice for saving Aadhar card from misuse. It will require unlocking your date before using Aadhar here.

2. Government’s recent launch, DigiLocker is another safe way of authenticating your Aadhar. Just upload your scanned important documents and verify them using eSignature.

3. There are many cases where you will have to supply your Aadhar card xerox. Don’t forget to take it back once your activity of verification is done.

Do not forget your important documents on shops, verification centers or anywhere. If you think you forgot it somewhere, locking it with biometric should be practiced to remain on a safer side.

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