Best way to convert tiff to png free

Being a photographer guy, you may need to convert one image format to another for any reason. Such incidents occur frequently when we need to change the format of an image in order to continue our work. For those who want to convert tiff images to png format, here we provided a useful guide to convert tiff to png.

Most of the people still don’t know about tiff format, so you can inform yourself with such information about tiff format.

What is tiff?

Tiff stands for Tagged Image File Format. Tiff is a raster image format used by mostly graphics artics, photographers. Aldus Corporation (Now, Adobe Systems) created this format for desktop publishing.  Tiff format is one which conserves the highest image quality.

That’s why it is being used by photographers. All images captured using a Professional camera will be in tiff format. Tiff support both lossy and lossless compression, each one leading different compression results. Tiff format provides some additional features like header tags,  layers, and transparency.

It is compatible with popular image software including Photoshop and mainly used in the layout of magazines, newspaper, and digital images. Tiff can’t be used for web-based format or small files.

Convert tiff to png

Convert Tiff to PNG

There are lots of online tool and software available on the internet which makes your work easier to convert images from tiff format to png format. However, a few tools are good enough to preserve good image quality.

So, here we provided a guide of conversion using 2 great tools. If you are interested to download png images free, PNG Picture is a perfect platform to get high-quality png images free.

Method 1

  • First, be ready with your tiff image for conversion.
  • Open this online tool from this link: Docspal

tiff to png


  • Upload your image files on “Step 1 Section” by drag and drop or you can also provide image URL there.
  • Click on “Convert Files” button.
  • It will start a transformation process and provide you png format image download link. Download it. Now, your work is done here.

Method 2:

  • Make sure you have tiff image for transformation into png.
  • Open this website from a link given here: CoolUtils


convert tiff to png

  • Upload images using “Select Files” option.
  • Now select PNG option from “Convert From” option. You can also modify the width and height of image from Resize Option.
  • Click on “Download Converted Files”.
  • It will conversion process and png files automatically downloaded on your computer or mobile.

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