How to Find Any Mobile Number Owner details

Have you ever gotten a call from an unknown number? Sometimes it might be your friend trying to pull one over you or may some times a distant relative that you had no idea you had. But other times these unknown numbers can be scammers and frauds.

So there is always a need to know a little something about an unknown number. And that is exactly what this article is about. So let’s dive right in. 

Solution 1: Online websites


These days there are websites for everything imaginable. It is no surprise that some of them happen to provide information about a mobile number owner. Do keep in mind that none of these websites discloses the owner’s complete information. The information that they get is from the time these are recorded when the mobile number is first registered. You can even get their live location in some of these sites. 

Mobile number tracker

Mobile number tracker is one such website that can easily get you the whereabouts of a number in an instant. It will easily show you the owner’s location on google maps along with their details. 

You just have to ho to the site and enter the number that you want to be informed about. Then hit Enter and you will get what you are looking for. 

Mobile Tracker

The mobile tracker works similar to the site mentioned above. It also makes an effort to locate the number on the map and provides you with available information. It works in a similar fashion too.

The site also allows landline phone tracing. Do keep in mind that the site works only for Indian numbers.

Solution 2: Mobile Apps

It’s no old news that smartphones have all kinds of apps. There are millions of apps available for doing a wide range of tasks. Hence, it is pretty predictable that apps that serve the purpose we are talking about would make their debut someday. 

Most of these apps are available in Google play store and Windows store for free. The information in these is updated on a regular basis. Plus, they are much less cumbersome than visiting websites. They are also very easy to use. 

Here is a couple of them.

Mr Number

This app can get you the details of an incoming number. It is very effective in identifying unknown numbers. But it doesn’t end there. The app is designed to block unwanted calls and SMS. Moreover, it can be set up to stop spam calls, scams, and fraud. The app is pretty useful and is surely one to have. 

Caller ID

Caller ID app is an app created by CallApp. It is yet another app popular across the android platform for the same purpose.  The app works like a charm and can be used to find the details about any number. 

The app’s reach is not just limited to India. It can be used to find the details of numbers all around the globe. This is thanks to its worldwide database. You can also block calls and blacklist numbers that are just out there to annoy or trick you. 

Solution 3: Truecaller

You were probably wondering why there was no mention of this one in either among the websites or among the apps. Well, to be honest, Truecaller deserves a section of its own. There is no app or website that is more popular in India to trace the location of a mobile number and to find out its details. 

It originally started out as a website with a database containing numbers from several countries. Though it was used in India, it was not that popular. What made Trucaller really famous in India was its app.

The site is pretty easy to use, you just have to enter the phone number that you want to know the details about and hit Enter. You do need to sign in with a Google or Microsoft account. 

The app is even easier to use. It provides the same feature. Additionally, you can set it up so that it shows details of any unknown number the first time it makes contact. 


There are many ways to find out the details of an unknown number in India. Some of the more popular of such methods were mentioned in this article. Now you can find out exactly who has been bothering you. I hope it helped. 

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