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Game of Thrones – God of the entire web series industry. This is the massively popular series worldwide. Around more than 50+ global awards with 100+ nominees, it proved how interesting and popular, it is. 16 Million people watched the game of thrones season 7 which a way bigger than the last season.

And, guess what? What will it do when Games of Thrones season 8 is gonna be the end of story! It will explode like RDX for sure. We know how much excitement you have. And therefore, we’ve provided the game of thrones png images to remember the cast. Anyway, you can memorize it by storyline given below.

Game of Thrones Story Format

If we are about to sit and discuss the game of thrones storyline, one single day won’t even justify. It has so many things revolving with each and every character, one can’t just write its story within 500 words. However, we’ve tried to make it as short as possible to present the overall concept. Here you go!

If we divide the entire series into two part, it will be easier to explain. And, they are:

  1. Night Watch Wall
  2. Iron Throne

Night’s watch wall is mainly built to avoid entries of white walkers to land where normal people live. Basically, white walkers are ice monsters who don’t communicate. They once used to be humans and the first of them was created by putting dragonglass into a man’s heart.

Night watch wall is there to protect humanity from white walkers which has soldiers guarding 24*7. White Walkers are moving towards south to get thrones with their kings. They have acquired a dragon to give a tough fight to humans.

The iron throne stands for 7 kingdoms that were only in existence on earth around 8000 years ago. In the plot of game of thrones, characters are revolving around this iron throne. The person sitting on the iron throne can order anything to any kingdom which makes it more powerful and attractive.

So, when there is a game of acquiring such wealthy throne, how can’t there be politics, wars, backstabbing and strategy planning. Even a hard fan of the game of thrones couldn’t understand the theory behind Mad King and humanity of John Snow. If you still haven’t watched this wonderful series, go get it.

There is also such another interesting story names beauty and the best. Either way, you are getting game of thrones png HD images from here for sure without any cost.

Game of Thrones Character Images

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Game of Thrones PNG Images

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Game of Thrones Dragon Images

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Game of Thrones Vector EPS

Game of Thrones Vector Houses
Game of Thrones Vector Houses


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game of thrones vector logo


game of throne vector eps download
game of throne vector eps download


Game of Thrones Wallpapers

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Game of Thrones Clip Arts

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