How to Check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

Zuckerberg has been pretty successful in connecting the world through Facebook. Wherever you are, you can find the latest news happening all over the world. Facebook has also been revolutionary in the business industry as it serves as a great medium for promotion. Possibly, the greatest gift of Facebook is that we can stay in contact with people whom we might have never expected to see again. 

Yes, although you can keep a lookout for your friends and loved ones, things could also get worse as well. People could stalk you and gain information regarding you. There has been news of criminal attacks using information obtained from social media. Also, in case you are blessed in the looks department, it could lead to another unwanted situation as well.

In this article, we will show you some ways on how you can find out those who have been frequently stalking your profile. Also, we will share with you some tips to minimize such nuisances as well.

Check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

Facebook says it is not possible to see who is quietly looking at your details. However, there are ways by which you get an idea about who is stalking you.

check who viewed my facebook profile

1. Comments and likes

Engagements like comments and emojis given on old pics let’s face it. Nobody has any interest in checking out your old pics unless it is someone who is obsessed about you. Else, that person has to be living a very bad life. Jokes aside, this is possibly the best clue to figure out who has been stalking your profile.

Moreover, the people who might have liked your old posts would not have messaged you or chatted at least once as well. That is definitely a sign of a stalker.

2. Friend requests from strangers

Facebook is built upon the concept of connecting friends. However, if you get a request from a person who has remotely no reason to request you, then it has to be a random stalker. Most probably such people will be from different cities or even countries. The reasons for stalking might be random.

3. Stories

It is not so long ago that Facebook introduced the story feature found on Instagram. Now, you can give live updates of what you are up to. Moreover, Facebook also lets you see who all have seen your stories. Here, the key thing is timing. The names that view your updates immediately in a matter of seconds are likely to be stalkers who are always checking out your account.

4. Third-party apps

There are many third-party apps available which claim to show you the Stalkers. However, such apps can only show the stalkers amongst your friends. They are incapable of showing you the entire list of people who have visited your account. However, the good thing is that such apps cost less and some of them are even free.

5. Repeated requests

If you have rejected a request from a person, who may or may not know you and that person still sends in another request, then without a doubt, the person is stalking you. Blocking them is the best possible solution.

Tips to prevent unwanted attention/stalkings

  1. Keep your account as private-This prevents unwanted people from gaining your private information.
  2. Report and block people whom you do not know.
  3. Do not accept random message requests.
  4. Don’t join groups that have no purpose for you. Many stalkers, send random requests to other people in the same groups.
  5. Tone down your Facebook use.

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