Red Lens Flare PNG Transparent [Lens Flare Photoshop]

Have you read our useful collection of black circle fade for making photos more beautiful? Well, there is another Photoshop effect called red lens flare png which has the ability to make posters or banners stunning like never before.

Creating such lens flare Photoshop effect takes a considerable amount of time even if you have enough knowledge about software. Well, that is the case where we always come through.

You will have certainly watched those action trailers where highlighting words in between has a spark of lights moving to the and. Well, this is possible using colorful lens flare transparent images. It can be the perfect use case where you want to add an intensive flare at the ending edge of your words, may within your name.

If the background is black, then light blue, white, red lens flare png matches perfectly with a view of sci-fi banner. If you are interested in creating lens flare transparent png from scratch, I will say you’re really an enthusiastic learner. Anyway, we have also provided a complete guide for that.

Red Lens Flare PNG Creation Tutorial

What are these lens flares?

Lens Flares builds while having an intensive light source’s direct or reflective presence near your photography environment. Lenses then scatter such light source captures which you can as light circles or horizontal beams within your captured photos.

Size of flares is directly dependent on intensive of the light source. However, you can also create such flares using Photoshop. When such flares highlight from a rare part of your head, it adds beauty to the desired picture.

How to create lens flares manually?

  1. First of all, apply lens flare filter on the photo you’re editing.
  2. Ctrl + Z to undo your lens flare.
  3. Add new background blank layer.
  4. Make the added layer black.
  5. Try lens flare filter again on the added layer.
  6. Edit the layer blend mode to screen.
  7. Now, modify lens flare color according to the background.
  8. The Gaussian filter application part is here.
  9. Regulate the intensity of lens flare to make a photo more natural.
  10. Adjust the position of lens flare and that’s it.

Red Lens Flare PNG

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Red Lens Flare Vector EPS/AI

red lense flar evector seperator
red lens flare vector png seperator


red lense flare vectro eps download
red lens flare vector eps download


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